Knight Frank


Ruffs were thrilled to be commissioned by leading estate agents, Knight Frank, to produce a set of cufflinks to commemorate their partners serving either 15 (silver) or 25 years (gold) with the company. Knight Frank were founded in 1896 and specialise in high quality residential and commercial property throughout the world, with 207 offices in 43 different countries.

Rupert Johnson, chose a rose gold to echo the red version of their logo

“Designing a set of corporate cufflinks is not always easy”, explained Mark Ruff, “because, when a company spends thousands of Pounds having a logo designed, the thought that they might one day want cufflinks based on that design is hardly in the brief. At the outset the logo is used on letterheads, promotional material and in their advertising as the company endeavours to build itself up as a brand. Only later will it be used more extensively”.

“Quite often a corporate logo lends itself immediately to cufflinks and I can think of the Owl we evolved for the International Herald Tribune or the S of the superb logo used by British Steel once upon a time”. The one involved creating a die and pressing the Owl out within its own oval frame; the S of British Steel lent itself particulary well to being interpreted in blue enamel”.

“The Knight Frank logo is somewhat esoteric and required quite a lot of thought. We considered a number of approaches before settling on a design that is carefully engine-turned on to an oval link. The technique worked especially well for the set we made for senior partner, Rupert Johnson, who chose a rose gold to echo the red version of their logo and no doubt his Patek Philippe rose gold watch!

Harriet Ruff