Bespoke cufflinks

Ruffs' history as a producer of fine bespoke signet rings since 1904, means Rufflinks are perfectly poised to deliver a quality bespoke cufflink. Whether it's initialed Rufflinks for your groomsmen; a personalised gift for your girlfriend; or a congratulatory award for yourself on a promotion - we'll help you through the design process from idea to inception in a true collaboration.

Bespoke can mean any shape, size or metal, with chain connectors or with swivels, engraved or enamelled but invariably our bespoke links have a family crest on one side and perhaps initials on the other. They tend to comprise four oval links, joined by a chain connector, with crest/initials engraved to all four sides. 

Each cuff link had 2 "faces" so you can choose different designs on each: any combination of initials, crests / logos / pictures engravings, colour enamel images or even blank. We also offer the option of die stamping where we will create a "3D mould" of any object, we have created tennis balls, champagne bottles and furry friends in the past. See the gallery below for more inspiration.


You can choose the fastening of your cufflinks to either be chain or swivel. A chain allows you to have two, typically oval, faces. A swivel cufflink tends to be easier to insert into the cuff.


Bespoke Rufflinks are available in three colours of gold and also silver. Gold either yellow, white or rose gold. White gold is given its white colour by being mixed with palladium. Rose gold acquires its hue from copper.  


Rufflinks can be designed using enamel for the artwork. This allows for an array of colours to be used.


Bespoke cufflinks can be surface engraved. The two faces are traditionally engraved with the family crest on one side and initials on the other. This paired option of engraving is particularly appealing to those buying for groomsmen with a date and initials combination. We also offer a deeply carved option to deepen the engraving.


Like the signet ring, it is possible to stone set a set of bespoke cufflinks. We provide only the best stone we can find. This would be bloodstone that is deep dark green with plenty of flecks of red jasper; deep dark red cornelian; vibrant bright blue lapis lazuli, with or without pyrite (we recommend the absence of pyrite if it’s to be engraved); and sardonyx in a variety of colours with a sliding scale of light to dark top layers.

Design your cufflinks

If you would like to get an approximate quote for a ring, fill in the form below and we will be able to give you a guide as to what your bespoke ring would cost, and will give us a starting point to expand the conversation. If you have any artwork you would like to share with us, please send it to quote@ruffs.co.uk.

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