Bespoke Rings

Our core product at Ruffs is bespoke signet rings. We create every ring in partnership with each customer. From helping you discover or design a crest, to fitting your ring, our service will guide you through every stage of the process.  The design of the ring comprises five elements; ring style, finger size, precious metal, carat and finally the engraving. Read on for a detailed explanation of each. 

An accurate price will hinge mainly on carat, complexity of the engraving and the finger-size; colour and shape will influence a price to a lesser extent. If you would like a more accurate idea of price for a bespoke ring, please fill in the form at the bottom of this page. 

Ring Style

The rings themselves start as a block of wax and are carved to any shape, size and therefore weight. Today we offer six standard ring styles. In the true spirit of bespoke, please let us know if your desired style is not below and we will gladly cast a ring to the specific style of your choosing.

Size & Weight

UK ring sizes range from A - Z with half sizes in between. Please indicate in the form below if you do not know your ring size and we will happily post you a ring-gauge. Our rings come in two different weights, small which is daintier and lighter, traditionally a ladies ring, or large which uses more gold and will be heavier in weight, traditionally a gentleman's ring.


Ruffs rings are available in three colours of gold and platinum. Gold either yellow, white or rose gold. White gold is given its white colour by being mixed with palladium. Rose gold acquires its hue from copper.  


'Carat' denotes the ratio of gold to alloy. The highest carat, 22ct, indicates 22 parts gold and a mere 2 parts alloy in the metal. The higher the carat the softer the ring. We recommend 18ct for a rich yellow colour without compromising the durability of the ring. 9ct is a good option for those who often use their hands and require a harder wearing ring. 14ct is the happy medium having most of the lovely colour of 18ct gold and a lot the durability of 9ct gold.


Signet rings are traditionally engraved with a family crest, which tends to be taken from the coat of arms, or family shield. Many customers know their crest as it has been passed down through generations. Equally we have customers who wish to devise a new crest which we design in collaboration either using our artists or through the official route with our friends at the College of Arms.

Crests are typically seal-engraved: a technique of hand engraving which leaves a deep cut impression in the ring face. This will leave a impression in wax as was traditionally used to seal correspondence. This engraving is made in the negative as so the wax impression reveals the crest in the positive.

We also offer a surface engraving which you might choose if you wish to have initials engraved onto your ring. A surface engraving is as it sounds, a shallow engraving in the positive.

We additionally offer ‘deep for show engraving’. This is as deep as seal but in the positive. It is particularly popular for monograms. 


The signet ring was traditionally set with a stone. We provide only the best stone we can find. This would be bloodstone that is deep dark green with plenty of flecks of red jasper; deep dark red cornelian; vibrant bright blue lapis lazuli, with or without pyrite (we recommend the absence of pyrite if it’s to be engraved); and sardonyx in a variety of colours with a sliding scale of light to dark top layers.


Design your ring

If you would like to get an approximate quote for a ring, fill in the form below and we will be able to give you a guide as to what your bespoke ring would cost. If you have any artwork you would like to share with us, please send it to quote@ruffs.co.uk.

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